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Guava Mandelbrot - Shulhan Aroch

Come take a seat at the Shulhan Aroch! Different than the Shulhan Aruch, the Code of Jewish Law published by Rabbi Yosef Caro, in Hebrew shulhan aroch literally means "set table." In this series, we'll be exploring rich, diverse, and well, delicious, Jewish culinary traditions from around the world, recipe by recipe and country by country. We invite you to taste and cook these recipes as you explore their histories - we're sure you'll find that the Jewish table is a lot longer - and more laden with delicacies - than most!

We're starting this series off with Joan Nathan's delicious guava mandelbrot - a Cuban take on the Eastern European classic. As Joan Nathan explains in the video, there have been Jews in Cuba since Christopher Columbus landed there in 1492, meaning Cuban-Jewish cuisine has been cultivating its delectable roots for centuries. So read the article and try your hand at making these delicious cookies to celebrate richness of Jewban (and just Jewish) culinary history. Be'te-avon!

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