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First Year Hub

Resource Page for First Year Students

Welcome to our First Year Hub!

Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, Hillel resources, and more information that we think will make your transition to Tufts a little easier.


How do I RSVP for Shabbat meals?

You can RSVP for Shabbat meals by texting the keywords below to 617-420-7411.

Text “DINNER” for Friday night Shabbat Dinner.

Text “LUNCH” for Saturday afternoon Shabbat lunch.

Our first Shabbat dinner of the school year, First Year Shabbat, will be on Friday, August 30th (once all first years have arrived on campus).

I’m moving in early for Pre-Orientation. How do I get a Shabbat Kit?

Hillel will be giving out free Shabbat Kits to those moving in early on Friday, August 23rd. Shabbat Kits will include challah, grape juice, and dorm-friendly candles.

You can pick yours up during our Open House from 12-2pm.

Text “KIT” to 617-420-7411 to sign up for yours!

How do I join the Tufts Hillel Class of 2028 groupme?

You can join the Tufts Hillel Class of 2028 groupme using this link.


Mezuzah Bank

Tufts Hillel is here to support you as you create your new Jewish home away from home. One of the ways we offer support is through providing Mezuzahs.

What is a Mezuzah? It’s a small parchment scroll inscribed with the words of the Shema, encased in a decorative cylinder, and affixed to one’s doorframe. The Mezuzah is the hallmark of a Jewish home, serving as a connection to Jewish identity, community, and heritage. The Mezuzah, placed at the threshold, also marks transitional space. College is a time when students navigate new transitions and we at Hillel are here to support you in this process!

If you would like a Mezuzah, please fill out this form or come to the Hillel building at 220 Packard Ave. If you would like help putting up your Mezuzah, we would be thrilled to help!


Looking for an on-campus job? Tufts Hillel is hiring front desk workers!


  • Organizational skills
  • Communications + interpersonal skills
  • Familiarity w/ Microsoft Office and Databases


  • Paid position and/or work study
  • Flexible schedule: shifts available 9am-10pm, weekdays and weekends

If interested email [email protected] by Monday, August 12th

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Email our Student Life Coordinator at [email protected]

Resource Page for First Year Students
Resource Page for First Year Students

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